Employer Services

er·go·nom·ics (noun) The study of people’s efficiency in their working environment.

Workspace Ergonomic Consulting (Home & Office)

A few benefits to an optimized workspace include: reduction in employee sick days, risk of injury, absenteeism, and medical expenses.  In addition, an ergonomic environment helps to improve efficiencies, productivity, energy, and moral.

Wellness and Ergonomic programs are a way for both fully insured and self-insured companies to help their employees in the prevention of health related injuries and diseases, while lowering overall total cost. As a Certified Ergonomic Evaluator we interview, observe, and evaluate employees’ needs for current and future ergonomic workstation requirements. We also review Home Office set up’s, make immediate adjustments and provide recommendations for behavioral or equipment change going forward.

  • Recommended positioning of equipment to reduce awkward positions
  • How to Promote Wrist, Arm, Shoulder, and/or Back Comfort
  • Proactive Tips for Reducing Eye Strain
  • The Benefits of Movement
  • Standing Tips and Best Practices

Corporate Well-Being Programs & Education

We offer training and education sessions to maximize employee’s general well-being and introduce best practices for how to better the overall daily work environment.  This can include training on proper ergonomic workstations, how to prevent soreness throughout the body, how to increase their energy and productivity, etc.  We also partner with leaders and wellness advocates to develop or evolve well-being programs to suit your company’s specific needs.

Our workshop “Happy and Harmonious at Work” is a collaboration with JoJo Keane from Inspired Soul.  Here we merge outside factors (the environment) with inside factors (how we feel, think etc.) and we will teach employees to tap into the wisdom in the body to maximize energy.  We train you how to navigate in a mindful way through the challenges at work.  How to not only accomplish a task, but also achieve your short term and long term personal & professional goals.  All the while helping you manage stress and enjoying the process of getting stuff done!

  • Implementing/evolving ergonomic programs and “Train the Trainer” workshops
  • Wellness talks, lunch and learns and speaking engagements
  • Set up and coordination of various wellness activities (e.g. yoga, meditation, health coaching, chair massage therapy, etc.)
  • “Happy and Harmonious at Work” workshops available in 1 hour, 1/2 day, fullday and weekend sessions

Looking to set-up a group wellness workshop for your employees?

We will gladly come to your business to host a workshop and/or conduct a workspace evaluation. Contact us directly or set up a time that works best for you and your employees by clicking below.